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Identification, Attraction, Interviewing, Selection, Hiring, and Onboarding of personnel are all included in the recruitment process. In other words, it covers everything from identifying a staffing requirement to meeting it.

It contains the nature of the job. The requirements for experience, education, and talents, among other things.

Addressing the needs of employees, from entry-level staff to senior management.

Time is one of the most important components of good customer service, especially when a client is making a time-sensitive request.

We Make Difference

Recruitment services with resume writing
services and business consulting

Our Goals

Infinity exists specializes in recruitment services. Our goal is to locate, attract, and hire the best professionals for our clients. All main job functions and several headhunting tasks have been reached. Our professional network is first-rate.

We conduct searches for all different kinds of businesses—global, regional, large, and small. Always forming long-term partnerships is our goal.

Identifying vacancy

The first and most important step in the recruitment process is to identify the vacancy. The whole process starts with receiving the recruitment requisition from the organization’s various departments.

Number of posts to be filled
Number of positions
Duties and responsibilities to be performed

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