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Top 10 Executive Search Firms In India

In this article we will showcase you the list of Top 10 Executive Search firms in India , that provides recruiting or headhunting services. The main role of these execute search companies is to find higher-level candidates for your businesses. These job consultancy in Delhi are specialized in finding and recruiting willing candidates for higher executives level  as well as for other senior-level positions for your firm. The role of Executive recruitment search firms is not restricted to only recruitment services but they also manage the training of personnel.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Executive search firms in India that we have sorted for you completely based on the various reviews and feedback that we have gather through different channels and platforms, it is not any sort of sponsored or and advertisement for any other companies.

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What is Executive Search Firms in India?

You may be wondering what an executive search firm is after reading all of this. To answer your question, imagine you are running a company and you need to hire some people for a specific requirement. You can do all of the tedious work yourself or you can simply hire a consulting agency to help you find the best candidate for the job profile. Similarly, you cannot simply post an advertisement on the site to hire for upper management or executive level positions. Hiring an executive search firm will make this task easier and more effective for you is a much better option. The reason why you should partner with one of the top executive search firms in India as a company owner is that they have all the contacts and insights on all the people in your industry who might be a better candidate for your company. They know how to approach them as well as being the best in their service they have the relevant expertise to chose the candidate which fits your firm.

How to choose the right executive search companies for your business?

Selecting the right executive search firm is of utmost importance for any company in India. Therefore, it is essential to consider various factors before making a decision. Firstly, it is crucial to ensure that the firm has relevant industry experience, as this will enable them to have the necessary contacts in your industry.

In addition, it is important to choose an executive recruitment search firm that has an effective process for reaching out to potential candidates. Since the success of the hiring process is heavily dependent on the quality of candidates, it is vital to have a proper method for reaching out to potential clients.

01. Infinity Exists

Infinity Exists is an agency that is servicing recruitment services for the last 17 years successfully. Their main motive is to deliver each client equal and special importance & attention. Also, they help to attract top talent to the right organisation so which is why they rank in higher positions in the top 10 executive search firms in India.

Their main focus is on providing top hiring, as well as on the success of their clients and creating a great impact they can make. With expertise, experience, and collaboration in performance marketing, they look forward to working with ambitious businesses in various sectors and industries.

They are one of the most trustworthy search firms in India that mainstream your business needs overall. Infinity exists serves a broad range of executive search services to companies to help them to elevate their business growth and strong reputation in the competitive market. 

There are numerous reasons Companies prefer Infinity Exists, is easy and direct assess to the founders and core teams to communicate and connect and transparency at every stage, while completely maintaining the security of your confidential data. 

Services Offered:
  • Management Recruiters
  • Executive Search
  • Financial recruitment
  • Manpower Consultancy
  • Resume Writing
  • Recruitment
  • Job Consultancy



02. Anzy Global:

Anzy Global has a 90% success rate in IT staffing in its 12 years of experience since 2010. Thus, Anzy Global are leading placements & HR Consultancy for IT and IT-related industries. They have expertise in a wide range of technological areas and have demonstrated competence in fields such as e-commerce, social media, advertising, mobile technologies, network security, etc. They have helped many big companies and also multiple startups recruit the best talent.

Services Offered:
  • IT Recruitment
  • HR Consultancy
  • Recruit engineers
  • Recruit programmers 
  • Recruit managers
  • C-suite Level Executives
  • IT Job Consultancy

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03. Pipal tree services:

Executive search is their core expertise and also the foundation of Pipal Tree Services. It is a recently established executive recruitment search firm business but still ranks in the top 10 executive search firms in India. Pipal Tree services’ vision is to be the choice of all the small and size large companies, in all the sectors that they specialize in and provide.

Services Offered:
  • Executive Search Service
  • Market and Talent Mapping
  • Assessment and onboarding


04. Korn Ferry International:

Korn Ferry is the first choice for those who are looking to find C-level executives that are a perfect fit. If someone is looking for service in industries; like finance, life sciences, consumer, healthcare, and technology they have executive search consultants who have experience around the world. In each of these fields, Korn Ferry undoubtedly can help.

Services Offered:
  • Board & CEO Services 
  • Corporate Affairs 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Financial Services 
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources 
  • Legal
  • Marketing 
  • Risk Management 
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain 
  • Sustainability 
  • Information Technology

05. Spencer Stuart:

Since 1956 Spencer Stuart establish 70 offices, in over 30 countries.  Based on the deep relations they collaborate to bring the appropriate industry-specific, functional, and also regional knowledge to each task by working with colleagues around the world to hire the most senior leadership roles, including the CEO, CFO or other “CxO” positions and more.

Services Offered:
  • Executive Search 
  • Board Services 
  • CEO Succession Planning
  • Executive Assessment 
  • Leadership Consulting
  • Sustainability 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
  • Family Business 
  • Employee Experience & Engagement

06. Stanton Chase:

Executive Search is the primary area of services that Stanton Chase provide to their clients. Stanton Chase believes to deliver executive search and also leadership consulting solutions through their powerful network of offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America and North America. Also, Stanton Chase ranks in the top 10 executive search firms in India.

Services Offered:
  • Executive Search 
  • Executive Assessment 
  • Board Services 
  • Succession Planning

07. Accord India:

For many international and Indian firms, Accord is a retained executive search firm that specialises in CXO and specialist searches across departments and levels. AltoPartners one of the leading global alliances of independently owned executive search firms is also the founding member of Accord India. Accord India has offices and operations in states like Bombay, Delhi and Bangalore. Accord India also ranks as one of the top 10 executive search firms in India.

Services Offered:
  • Diversity Searches 
  • Forensic Due Diligence 
  • Career Transition 
  • Market Mapping Services 
  • Interim and Transition Leaders

08. ABC Consultants:

ABC Consultant has now completed 50 years of recruitment services as one of the pioneers of organized job consultancy in Delhi and over five years as the preferred talent acquisition partner in India. Also, ABC has a unique approach to recruitment at every management level in various industry sectors of the multinational corporation. Also, they have a network of 9 offices across all major cities in India and are established as a trusted top 10 job consultancy in Delhi.

Services Offered:
  • Executive search 
  • Senior & Middle-Level Hiring
  • Amplify – HR Consulting Services
  • Career Transition Services
  • Global Sourcing
  • Market Intelligence
  • Recruiter Training Programmes
  • Interim Management

09. Egon Zehnder:

Another in the list of Top 10 executive search firms in India Egon Zehnder has is a network of executive recruitment search firms across 36 countries, located in 63 offices with 560 consultants. High-level executive search, CEO succession, board search and advisory, family business advising, and leadership evaluation are some of their areas of expertise.

Services Offered:
  • Functions Board Directors & Chairs 
  • Chief Executive Officers 
  • CFO & Audit Chair 
  • Technology Officers 
  • Marketing Officers 
  • Human Resources 
  • Legal Consultancy Services 
  • Communications & Public Affairs Officers 
  • Supply Chain & Operations 
  • Sustainability

10. Heidrick & Struggles:

Heidrick & Struggles share 70 years of experience and service in this industry. They share a spot among the top 10 executive search firms in India and so are proudly listed among Forbes and Statista’s list of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms as well.

Services Offered:
  • Executive Search 
  • Chief Executive Officer & Board of Directors 
  • Digital Officers
  • Financial Officers
  • Human Resources Officers
  • Legal, Risk, Compliance & Government Affairs 
  • Marketing, Sales & Strategy Officers 
  • Supply Chain & Operations Officers 
  • Technology Officers 
  • Agile Leader Potential
  • Board Effectiveness 
  • CEO Succession Planning 
  • Chief Executive Acceleration 
  • Digital Leadership 
  • Executive Coaching 
  • Leadership Assessment


In this article we have concluded about which are the Top 10 Executive Search Firms In India.​according to our opinion based on all the facts and reviews that we are able to gather through the internet. We have provided you with all the basic knowledge all the way from telling you about what is executive search all the way to how to chose the perfect executive search company that caters all your needs and wants.

An executive search firm, also known as a headhunting firm, specializes in recruiting top-level executives, typically for senior management and leadership positions within organizations. These firms employ thorough research and networking to identify and attract highly qualified candidates.

Executive search firms operate by partnering with client organizations to understand their specific leadership needs. They then utilize a combination of market research, networking, and candidate evaluation to identify and recommend suitable candidates for executive roles.

Companies use executive search firms to streamline the recruitment process for critical leadership roles. These firms have expertise in identifying and attracting high-caliber talent, reducing the time and resources spent on executive hiring.

While traditional recruitment agencies focus on filling a variety of roles across different levels, executive search firms concentrate on finding senior-level executives. They typically engage in a more personalized and research-driven approach to identify the best-fit candidates for leadership positions.

Executive search firms utilize a variety of methods to source candidates, including industry networking, targeted outreach, database searches, and referrals. They may also leverage technology and data analytics to identify potential candidates who align with the client’s requirements.

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